The number of electric vehicles on the roads is steadily increasing. Google Maps has also recognized this trend and has introduced several features specifically for electric vehicle owners.

In June and July 2023, Google Maps received several new features to make trip planning easier. Currently, the most frequently used online mapping service in the world is gaining a series of useful functions for electric vehicles.

Charging stations instead of gas stations:

If you drive an electric car, you can hide regular gas stations on the Google Maps and display only nearby e-charging stations. Although this option has been available since 2022, according to “The Verge” news service, Google is now highlighting this feature more clearly in terms of points of interest for electric vehicle drivers.

Furthermore, Google spokesperson Pearl Xu mentioned a few other innovations. When searching for electric vehicle charging stations, Google Maps now also shows the current availability of charging connections. Thanks to a new filtering feature, users can search for fast charging stations that offer at least 150 kilowatts of charging power. Additionally, charging stations with incompatible plug types can be hidden using the filter.

Better trip planning for e-cars:

From now on, Google Maps will also suggest the best stops for charging your vehicle when planning a route. To do this, the app uses information such as current traffic conditions, remaining battery levels, and average energy consumption. However, some of these features can only be used when connecting your smartphone to the electric vehicle via Android Auto.

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