For many years, Microsoft has created several highly popular programs and systems, which are still used in various forms by Windows users. However, one of them is set to be removed – we’re talking about the WordPad application for opening, creating, and modifying text files. Microsoft recommends transitioning to a paid alternative.

WordPad first appeared in the Microsoft operating system with the release of Windows 95, just over 28 years ago. Since then, it has been present in all subsequent versions of this popular software. The program served as an excellent alternative to the paid Microsoft Office suite, and many people still use it today when they need to quickly create a basic text file or open a document in .doc format. In other words, WordPad is everything most people need for their daily tasks, but it seems that those times have passed.

On September 1st, Microsoft announced on their website that WordPad will no longer be supported and will disappear from Windows. As stated in Microsoft’s communication: WordPad is no longer being updated and will be removed in a future version of the Windows system. For documents in RTF format, such as .doc and .rtf, we recommend using Microsoft Word, and for simple text documents, such as .txt, we recommend using the Windows Notepad.

Well, these are definitely not good news, but in the past, Microsoft also announced the removal of Paint, and as we know, the application survived until Windows 11. It is currently unknown when exactly WordPad will be removed and whether it will completely disappear from the Microsoft platform or if it will be available for download from the Microsoft Store.

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