Huawei is actively striving to reclaim its position as a top-tier player in the mobile and computer hardware industry. The company remains committed to this goal and is exploring ways to distance itself from reliance on the Windows operating system. In the near future, we anticipate the introduction of their unique HarmonyOS version for personal computers.

Since 2019, Huawei has encountered substantial obstacles due to regulatory restrictions imposed by the United States. These limitations have notably hindered access to Google services, resulting in a marked decrease in the popularity of Huawei smartphones outside of China. The remedy to these challenges was envisioned in the form of HarmonyOS, an in-house operating system developed by Huawei. While currently primarily available on smartphones and tablets, this landscape is set to evolve.

Former Huawei executive Wang Chenglu has recently disclosed the company’s plans to adapt HarmonyOS for personal computers, with its debut expected in the coming year. Initial indications point toward the release of computers and laptops equipped with HarmonyOS being confined to the Chinese market. Nonetheless, the prospect of HarmonyOS PCs making their way to the Western market remains uncertain, given Huawei’s continued access to the latest Windows distributions, which poses a formidable challenge for introducing a new operating system to the market

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