Get ready gamers, because AYANEO is about to introduce an intriguing new device straight from China – the AYANEO Flip gaming console. This highly interesting console stands out due to its unique flip-style design, featuring a screen and a physical keyboard.

The AYANEO Flip console is a true game-changer in the world of portable gaming devices. Its 7-inch display, using IPS technology, offers a stunning visual experience with a 120Hz refresh rate. But what really sets it apart is the flip-style design, where the screen is placed on one of the two parts of the housing.

When it comes to the controller, the AYANEO Flip doesn’t disappoint. It includes all the essential elements for gaming – analog sticks, a D-pad, and functional buttons. But what makes it truly unique is the addition of a physical keyboard. Although it doesn’t have a numeric keypad, AYANEO promises adequate spacing between the keys and buttons, ensuring a comfortable gaming experience on this compact device.

Under the hood, the AYANEO Flip is powered by the impressive Ryzen 7 7840U APU from AMD. This powerful processor ensures smooth gameplay and delivers stunning graphics, making every gaming session a truly immersive experience.

So, when can we expect the AYANEO Flip to hit the market? According to the Chinese manufacturer, the debut of this exciting gaming console is expected to happen later this year. Gamers around the world are eagerly awaiting its release, as it promises to revolutionize the portable gaming industry.

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