OLED monitors are quickly gaining popularity in the market, with the volume of shipments expected to increase fourfold this year compared to the previous year, according to analysts from TrendForce. While OLED panels were initially associated with smartphones and televisions, they are now finding their way into monitors as well.

The latest report from TrendForce reveals that 508,000 units of OLED monitors are projected to reach customers this year, representing a remarkable 323% increase from the previous year. This growth momentum is expected to continue into the next year, with a projected 121% increase in shipments. This means that the volume of monitors introduced to the market will exceed 1 million units.

When it comes to OLED monitor manufacturers, Samsung and LG dominate the market, each holding approximately a quarter of the market share. Dell follows closely with about 20% market share, while ASUS holds just under 9%. However, new manufacturers are entering the market, leading to an expansion of product offerings.

The most popular OLED monitor models currently have a 34-inch diagonal, but models featuring 27, 49, and 45-inch panels are also gaining traction. These monitors offer stunning image quality and vibrant colors, thanks to the self-emitting pixels of OLED technology. The deep blacks and infinite contrast ratio make OLED monitors particularly appealing for gamers, creative professionals, and multimedia enthusiasts.

Looking ahead, the market is expected to witness the introduction of the first QD-OLED monitors in the coming year. These monitors will feature a refresh rate of around 360 Hz, providing an incredibly smooth and immersive viewing experience. Quantum dot OLED technology combines the best of both worlds, offering the wide color gamut of quantum dot displays and the individual pixel control of OLED.

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