The Intel processors of the 14th generation from the Raptor Lake Refresh family, which were recently released for sale a few days ago, will not take advantage of the announced Thunderbolt 5 interface. Fast data transfer will only be available with the CPU Meteor Lake.

Unfortunately, they will not receive the function promised by Intel, specifically support for the upcoming fifth generation of the fast Thunderbolt interface. The company has informed that selected CPUs of the 14th generation will receive support for this standard, but the recently presented processors will not be among them.

It is very likely that the market debut of Thunderbolt 5 will occur only with the next generation of processors designed for laptops in the Intel Meteor Lake family. We will probably learn more about Thunderbolt 5 during the upcoming CES 2024 trade show in January next year.

The new standard is expected to offer a throughput of 80 Gb/s in both directions and even 120 Gb/s in one direction in special configurations. This will allow, among other things, connecting three 4K 144 Hz monitors with a single port on the computer.

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