From the inception of bulky mobile phones to the recent innovations in foldable displays and smart wearables, the evolution of mobile technology has been astounding. The current trajectory suggests that foldable screens might dominate the future, spanning across smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Tech leaders worldwide are exploring these foldable concepts.

Now, envision a future where you can just slap your smartphone on your wrist and use it as a full-fledged smartphone.

Motorola Flexible Smartphone Concept

Taking a significant step in this direction, Motorola, which has been a subsidiary of Lenovo since 2014, recently unveiled an innovative “adaptive display” smartphone at the 2023 Lenovo Tech World event. This prototype boasts a flexible 6.9-inch OLED screen with FHD resolution, offering more than just the ability to fold; it can also curl, wrap, and even stand.

What’s particularly impressive is that when curled, the device’s software seamlessly adjusts the display to a compact 4.6-inch, representing a significant advancement from Lenovo’s earlier CPlus model introduced in 2016. Interestingly, the CPlus model also had a 4.6-inch display but the bezels were very thick.

The prototype also offers some unique features. When used as a stand, it can capture the user’s outfit and use generative AI to create matching wallpaper, enhancing its smartwatch-like appearance. Additionally, the device can be adjusted to provide an ergonomic viewing experience, making it ideal for video calls and vertical browsing by bending its top half upwards.

The Future of Motorola

Motorola showcased several AI-powered concepts at the event. Users can capture or upload pictures of their attire to generate unique AI-generated images for device wallpapers. They are also developing MotoAI, a privacy-focused voice/text assistant for PCs and smartphones, leveraging a large language model for personalization. Additionally, Motorola is working on improving document scanning with smartphones, reducing wrinkles and shadows to produce clearer images.

Despite the intrigue around Motorola’s new shape-shifting phone, its commercial viability remains a topic of discussion, with concerns related to its durability, comfort of wear, and the potential for casing solutions. It’s evident that with this prototype, Motorola is positioning itself as an innovator in a market inching towards foldable designs, looking to redefine user experience with AI at its core.

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