Microsoft has been on a mission to promote its Edge browser and discourage users from downloading Chrome onto their Windows computers. However, despite their efforts, many users still prefer Chrome over Edge. In an attempt to complicate the process of downloading Google’s application, Microsoft has introduced a new strategy.

Previously, when users visited the Google Chrome download page using the Edge browser, they would see banners promoting Edge as a better choice and encouraging them to give it a chance. However, this approach did not yield the desired results.

Now, Microsoft has taken a different approach. When users visit the Google Chrome download page in the Edge browser, they not only see ads but are also presented with a survey. The survey asks users why they intend to use another browser.

Some of the interesting answers in the survey include:

  • I don’t like the news feed
  • Too many ads and pop-ups

It is clear that Microsoft is determined to convince customers that they don’t need Chrome. However, the effectiveness of their actions remains to be seen.

While Microsoft’s intentions may be well-intentioned, it is important to remember that users have the freedom to choose the browser that best suits their needs. For many, Chrome offers a familiar and reliable browsing experience that they prefer over Edge.

Ultimately, the success of a browser lies in its features, performance, and user experience. Microsoft’s efforts to sway users may be seen as an inconvenience rather than a persuasive tactic.

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