Can you increase the speed of WiFi on your phone?

Slow WiFi can be frustrating, and it’s no wonder. When we pay for an internet connection, we expect it to be stable and the transfer speed to be fast enough. But what should we do when our WiFi is slow, even though we have a good and modern phone? It turns out there is a method for that.

Interestingly, we don’t need to contact the internet service provider or replace the router. The method for fast WiFi on a phone is hidden in the settings of our device. Just change a certain option, and the internet will speed up like never before. I tested this method myself, and it really works.

How to Speed Up WiFi on a Phone? A Simple Method

What affects the quality of the WiFi connection on our phone? The router plays an important role in this case, as well as its placement. We should think in advance about where to place the router to avoid negatively affecting its signal. Don’t hide the device in a closet or place it in a corner at the end of the apartment. This will effectively hinder the signal distribution.

If our WiFi on the phone is slow, there is another key way to improve it. Very often, wireless internet on the phone is slow because there are too many available networks. If we have used different WiFi networks, it may turn out that our phone automatically switches between them. This negatively affects the quality of the received signal.

How to Speed Up WiFi on an Android Phone?

To make WiFi on an Android phone faster, we need to turn off the automatic connection to WiFi networks. To do this, go to the settings and the Network & Internet section. Here, find the WiFi settings and look for the option that allows your phone to automatically connect to available networks. Disable this option by toggling it off.

By turning off the automatic connection, your phone will no longer switch between networks, ensuring a more stable and faster WiFi connection. Remember to manually connect to your preferred WiFi network to enjoy a faster internet experience on your phone.


Slow WiFi on your phone can be frustrating, but there is a simple method to speed it up. By adjusting the settings on your phone, specifically turning off the automatic connection to WiFi networks, you can improve the quality and speed of your WiFi connection. Give it a try and enjoy a faster internet experience on your phone.

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