Looking to get into VR? These are the best headsets for every budget and purpose.

Virtual reality prices are down, and the quality of games is up, so it’s a great time to jump in if you’ve been holding off on taking the plunge. While we aren’t quite in The Matrix yet, modern VR headsets are shockingly good.

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The Meta Quest 3 is everything the Quest 2 was, but better (and more expensive). It’s smaller, lighter, has twice the graphical power, and now comes with an advanced set of full-color external cameras. This means the Quest 3 can present a detailed representation of the world around you and integrate virtual elements with it.

The Quest 3 is also fully backward compatible with Quest 1 and Quest 2 apps, and we expect that, just as with the Quest 2, developers will soon be taking advantage of the better hardware and updating their software.

However, that brings us to the most important consideration for the Quest 3: Should existing Quest owners should this new headset?

If you have a Meta Quest 1, the Quest 3 is an easy recommendation, since the first Quest headset is no longer supported by Meta. You can still use the Quest 1 to play the games you’ve paid for and those still in the Meta Quest store, but new games are unlikely to support it.

If you currently own a Quest 2, the increased specs across the board for the third iteration make it worth the upgrade, but take note that it will still take a little while for the software to catch up to these new specs.

If you don’t have any sort of VR headset at all, the Quest 3 is a great recommendation for standalone and PC VR, however it is significantly more expensive than the Quest 2 thanks to all the mixed reality hardware.

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