In early December 2023, Google will start removing selected user accounts from its services. The company is implementing a policy announced some time ago aimed at increasing online safety. The search engine giant will target inactive accounts and associated data, which will be permanently deleted.

Some users may have received emails from Google warning about the upcoming removal of their accounts. Effective from December 1, 2023, new rules concerning inactive Google accounts will result in the removal of millions of such profiles from the web.

Google reserves the right to delete data from its services if we haven’t used the profile for at least two years. Various actions, such as logging in or using the Google account, define activity. This includes activities like reading or sending emails, using the Google search engine, or watching videos on YouTube. Activity encompasses the entire account, not just individual devices.

Google Removes Inactive Accounts

Google’s policies solely affect personal accounts and do not impact corporate or school/university accounts. There are a few exceptions to the rule. For instance, an inactive account won’t be deleted if another subscription has been purchased for it and remains active. Google also won’t remove an account if at least one video has been uploaded to YouTube from that account.

Google’s decision to delete inactive accounts is motivated by security concerns. The company asserts that inactive profiles are more susceptible to attacks and takeovers by cybercriminals. They could obtain private information or use compromised accounts to attack other individuals.

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