Google has recently announced the final date for the closure of its popular service, Google Podcasts. After eight years since its launch in 2016, the tech giant has decided to shut down the platform on March 2024.

As Google continues to phase out various internet services, the discontinuation of Google Podcasts is another blow for its loyal users. However, the company is offering a solution for those who want to continue enjoying their favorite podcasts. Until July 2024, users will have the opportunity to migrate their subscriptions to YouTube Music or other podcast-supporting platforms.

This move follows the trend of other music services that have met their demise in recent years, such as Google Listen in 2012 and Google Play Music Podcasts in 2020. It seems that Google is streamlining its offerings to focus on other areas of its portfolio.

For those who have been using Google Podcasts, it’s important to make the necessary arrangements before the service shuts down. Take the time to explore alternative platforms and migrate your subscriptions to ensure uninterrupted access to your favorite podcasts.

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