Intel Confirms Arrival of Meteor Lake Chips for Desktops

Intel recently unveiled its plans for future products, leaving many people curious about the next chip families for desktop computers. Amidst rumors of the cancellation of the highly anticipated Meteor Lake series, Intel has put these concerns to rest.

In an interview with PCWorld, Michell Johnston Holthaus, Executive Vice President of Intel and General Manager of the Client Computing Group, confirmed that the Meteor Lake family will indeed be coming to desktops. She reassured enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts alike that the rumors circulating on the internet were false.

Intel’s decision to release the Meteor Lake-S family for desktop computers was met with relief and excitement. Holthaus further revealed that these chips will hit the market in 2024, providing a timeline for eager consumers to look forward to.

It is worth mentioning that Holthaus expressed her desire for Intel to provide a single chip family for all consumer market products in the future. This suggests a potential shift in Intel’s strategy, streamlining their offerings and catering to a wider range of consumers.

While the announcement of the Meteor Lake-S family’s arrival on desktops is certainly exciting, there is still a wait ahead before these chips are officially launched. However, given the credibility of Intel as a leading tech company, it is highly unlikely that incorrect information would be provided about products several months before their planned market debut.

Before the arrival of the Meteor Lake chips, enthusiasts can look forward to the premiere of the Intel Refresh Lake chips. While these chips may not meet the expectations of those anticipating a significant leap forward, they still offer improvements and enhancements over previous generations.


Intel’s confirmation of the upcoming arrival of the Meteor Lake chips for desktops has put to rest any concerns about the cancellation of this highly anticipated series. With a planned release in 2024, enthusiasts and consumers can now eagerly await the arrival of these next-generation processors.

Furthermore, Michell Johnston Holthaus’s comments about Intel’s potential shift towards a single chip family for all consumer market products indicate exciting possibilities for the future. As Intel continues to innovate and push boundaries, it will be interesting to see how this strategy unfolds.

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