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The popular messaging app WhatsApp will soon receive another update. It will bring two significant new features that will make handling multimedia easier.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular applications in the world. In January 2020, the developers announced that the messenger had been downloaded over 5 billion times on Android devices alone. It’s not surprising, then, that WhatsApp is continually evolving with new features.

Soon, there will be some exciting solutions that will make using this app even more convenient. The first of these features will allow for more efficient multimedia handling. The developers plan to add a special quick reply window to the messenger. This will enable users to add a short comment below a photo sent by someone else without leaving the multimedia preview window.

The second tool will make it easier to share links. This change applies to WhatsApp channels—administrators of a given channel will be able to send a message containing a link, and other people can open or copy it without having to paste the entire received message.

We don’t know yet when these mentioned updates will arrive in WhatsApp. Currently, they are in the testing phase, so we will likely have access to them in a few weeks at the earliest.

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