New Apple Watch Information

Apple is following an evolutionary path, as it’s challenging to talk about significant, revolutionary changes in the hardware produced by the American giant. Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that there are plans to replace the OLED display with a micro LED screen and equip the Apple Watch with a sensor to measure blood glucose levels.

Rumors about the Apple Watch receiving a micro LED display surfaced in August of this year, even before the official release of Apple’s new devices. Ultimately, they did not prove true, which, considering the current state of technology, is not surprising. At present, there isn’t technology readily available for the widespread production of such small LED diodes to create a miniature display in a smartwatch. While micro LED technology has many advantages, the current scale of miniaturization only allows for the production of television screens in sizes starting from 110 inches. Of course, their resolution is higher than that of the Apple Watch. Nevertheless, we will have to wait for the development of production technology. The analyst, who is usually well-informed, claims that the earliest possible time for this is in 2025, although it could also happen in 2026.

The second functionality that has long been talked about is blood sugar level measurement using the Apple Watch. According to rumors, this feature is expected to appear in 2024. However, Ming-Chi Kuo tempers enthusiasm by informing that it will only be included in the smartwatch in 2025 or 2026.

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