Intel is gearing up for the launch of its Core 14th gen processors, and the prices and specifications of these highly anticipated CPUs have been leaked online. Unfortunately, the prices of the new processors have seen significant increases, reaching up to several percent. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Core 14th gen processors and discuss the impact of these price hikes.

Specifications of Raptor Lake Refresh

The Core 14th gen processors will continue to be based on the 10nm Intel 7 process and will combine E cores (Gracemont) with P cores (Raptor Cove). These processors will also feature controllers for faster DDR5 memory compared to last year’s Raptor Lake processors. Some CPUs are expected to have clock speeds exceeding 6 GHz, although this may come with higher power consumption, potentially exceeding 300 watts.

The flagship processor in the Raptor Lake Refresh series is the Core i9-14900K, which is expected to consist of 24 CPU cores (8P 16E). Another notable addition is the Core i7-14700K, which will feature 12 E cores, resulting in a significant performance increase. Both of these processors will have unlocked multipliers, allowing for extensive overclocking capabilities.

Price Increases

Unfortunately, the leaked information also reveals that the prices of the Core 14th gen processors have seen a notable increase compared to the 2022 Raptor Lake CPU lineup. The Intel Core i9-14900K processor, for example, is projected to cost $695, making it nearly 16 percent more expensive than its predecessor, the i9-13900K. The Core i9-14900KF is expected to be priced at $659, reflecting a 13.7 percent increase.

Processors in the i5 and i7 series are also expected to see price hikes of several percent. However, there is some good news for consumers: these new CPUs will still be compatible with the LGA 1700 / 1800 socket, meaning that existing motherboards should provide compatibility without the need for a costly upgrade.


The upcoming release of Intel’s Core 14th gen processors has generated excitement among tech enthusiasts. While the leaked specifications reveal promising performance improvements, the price increases have raised concerns. It remains to be seen how these price hikes will be received by consumers and whether they will impact the overall adoption of the new processors. As always, it’s essential to consider the value proposition and weigh the performance gains against the increased cost before making a purchasing decision.

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