Do you have such a device next to your TV? Immediately disconnect it and check if you are not being tracked. The scale of issues related to Android TV devices infected with malware is continuously expanding.

According to the latest report, over 20 million devices worldwide are affected by this problem. Especially in Chinese online stores, you can find TV set-top boxes characterized by the presence of malicious malware. These are devices based on a modified version of the Android TV system, often available at attractive prices.

However, it turns out that this information is just the tip of the iceberg. According to the latest report prepared by the Human Security company, these devices reach sellers with the “Badbox” malware botnet already installed. What’s more, up to 80% of the devices sold in the USA are infected with this software, which amounts to over 200 models in total.

According to information from Trend Micro, there are already over 20 million such devices worldwide, introduced to the market by one of the Chinese groups specializing in devices pre-installed with malware. Approximately 2 million of them log into the network daily.

Importantly, the malware’s activities also extend to other devices. A research group reports on the network of in-car entertainment systems with Android operating systems being infiltrated by the virus. This software can gain access to your home network, make money by running data in the background, and monitor your online activities.

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