Choosing a TV is not a simple task. Besides the screen size and resolution, you can decide which smart system will be on board. Android TV or Smart TV – which one is better? The differences are quite significant, so it’s worth getting to know them before making a purchase.

Smart TV, in other words, a multimedia TV that provides access to applications and programs downloaded over the internet. Currently, there are many Smart TV models from various manufacturers, such as Samsung, Sony, or LG, to choose from. If you want to watch series or movies from apps like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney , and many others on your TV, then buying a TV with smart technology is the right choice. Usually, Smart TVs have the manufacturer’s proprietary system, a built-in app base, and the ability to download additional apps from a special store. Their problem is the relatively short period of support for updates (or lack thereof). Often, the original Smart TV system in the TV works quite slowly, significantly lagging behind dedicated solutions like Apple, Xiaomi, or Google.

Android TV, on the other hand, is essentially Smart TV but based on Google’s dedicated system. We all know Android, and this TV system is based on it. So, what sets Android TV apart from Smart TV? Essentially, it is still a multimedia TV but offering access to a much larger number of options. First and foremost, Android TV allows you to download programs and apps from the Google Play Store. The app base is much larger and provides more options. The Android system on the TV receives better support through updates. This allows users to enjoy smooth system performance for a longer time.

Smart TV or Android TV? This choice can be compared to the world of smartphones, specifically to the times when there were phones with Android and ordinary devices that operated on the manufacturer’s proprietary software. Ultimately, the former, from the Google family, enjoyed greater popularity due to the multitude of options and better performance. Unfortunately, when it comes to TVs, models with Android TV are in the minority. If you don’t want to purchase additional accessories and prefer trouble-free operation, buying a TV with Android TV is a good choice. It will please Android phone owners due to its similar interface, providing a lot of customization options and a wide selection of apps. However, if you only want to use basic streaming platforms, a regular Smart TV will also be a suitable option. These TVs are very popular, and you can find high-quality screens on the market, offering good entertainment quality without any problems.

When browsing the offers of electronics stores, you will notice that the vast majority of models are Smart TVs. However, this does not mean that there are no Android TV televisions available. Below are a few interesting models with this system:

  • Philips 55OLED707/12 – 55″ – $1,203.85 / €1,091.67
  • Sharp 40FH7EA – 40″ – $295.88 / €267.92
  • Philips 65OLED707/12 – 65″ – $1,787.31 / €1,619.92
  • Sharp QLED 50FP5EA – 50″ – 4K – $672.54 / €609.26
  • Toshiba 43UA2D63DG – 43″ – 4K – $354.76 / €321.54

Should you buy a TV accessory? Is it worth it? Why buy a smart TV accessory for your TV? There are essentially two reasons. The first is when your TV does not have built-in smart technology or does not support outdated applications due to a lack of updates. The second reason is when the default smart system on your TV works poorly, freezes, or does not have the programs you are interested in. In such a situation, it is worth buying a smart accessory, such as Chromecast, Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, or Amazon Fire TV Stick. These are small and easy-to-use devices that you connect to the HDMI port of your TV. They allow you to run streaming platforms, games, and other apps on your TV screen.

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