AMD has reasons to rejoice as the company’s market share in processors continues to grow. Lisa Su’s company has significantly increased its presence in all key segments, performing especially well in the server chips. Let’s see how these results compare to those of its major competitor, Intel.

The market CPU report has been prepared by the Mercury Research Institute, which periodically provides similar materials on AMD. The firm has compiled a comparison, considering typical market shares as well as the company’s revenue share in the entire segment of a given market. The results for the third quarter of 2023 were quite decent.

AMD performs best in the server segment, where it already holds 23.3% market share and accounts for 29.4% of revenue. In the first case, this is 5.8 percentage points more year over year, and in the second case, 1.7 percentage points more. Epyc chips are still highly preferred by customers, and there shouldn’t be many changes in the near future.

In the desktop segment, we see a decrease in market share quarter to quarter, but a significant 5.3-point increase year over year, reaching 19.2%. However, this only translates to a 16.3% share in revenue – it’s well known that Intel’s average selling price is higher, and customers tend to opt for the more expensive blue chips.

The mobile market also looks promising for AMD, holding 19.5% market share and accounting for 17.3% of revenue. Here, too, there’s a several-percentage-point increase in both indicators, largely due to the substantial increase in laptops featuring the Ryzen 7000 series.

AMD’s total share in the entire CPU market is 19.4%, with 16.9% revenue share. This represents a respective 4.4 and 4.8 percentage point increase year over year.

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